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What you Should be Expecting

Modern AI-Assisted Chat Matina is not just a live chat software, it intelligently learns as your support staff replies users so it can answer by itself when your staff is offline.
Visitor Entertainment Yes why not? We want to make the web as enjoyable and human as a physical office. Use Matina to plug in special jokes for your company and it will pick the right time to cheer up your users.
Personalized and Intelligent Search Experience Matina will crawl your site (including non-public facing ones) on a per user basis. This allows the bot to provide personalized inteliigent search experience for your users.
Subscriber, Cart and Wishlist Assistance Use Matina to get your users
Monthly 'miss you' reminders Use Matina to automatically update your visitors on the top trending pages on your website and ask them to visit again.
Free Site Analytics We have powerful industry standard analytics to help you keep your site fast without need of extra plugins. We also provide an easy API to pull/view your analytics data.
About Us

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Take your Business to the Next Level

We have built a tool to enhance your website experience for your visitors.

If you make your customer happy, they will not only patronize you; they will be back again. Provide top-notch personalized chat experience and support with our integrated live chat. Matina shows the current page a user is on while chatting with them and even lets you see what exactly the user is doing. You can also train your bot to learn special keywords/actions and have it answer questions automatically for you when your staf is offline. Do even much more with our API.

Some of our interesting features/services includes


Offline Chat to Email Push Notification

With offline chat to email push notifications, you will never miss a chat message from your customers.

Even though our bot can respond automatically after learning, you will still get to see all offline conversations that happen when your staff is not online


Powerful Analytics and Session Recording

Knowledge is power and we want to help you use it.

With our powerful analytics, you don't just get insight on user visits, devices, referral and interactions on your website. You will be able to playback recordings showing what your visitors did exactly when they came to your website. What better way to understand and resolve problems encountered by your visitors.


Site Error Monitoring with Screenshots

Proper error monitoring and reporting is often paid litte attention to, but do you know how much it can improve your user experience and revisits?

We let you see and monitor errors encountered by your users in detail. This way, your developers/project managers can proactively keep track of and resolve issues on your website to provide an enjoyable browsing experience to users.



Matina is Free in Beta

We believe every website should have a bot assistant and we don't want money to stand in the way. Join us to create the perfect enjoyable web experience for your visitors.

These comes with all of the features available which includes

Unlimited Support Staff
Unlimited Chat History
Email/Name Subscriptions
Intelligent Site Crawling
Visitor Entertainment
Personalized Site Search Intelligence
Free Site Analytics
Free Chat and Interaction Analytics
Free Site Error Monitoring with Screenshots
User session recording/playback
Offline chat to email push notifications

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Matina hopes to recreate the business website experience by making it as friendly as possible. With Matina, your customers will never be stranded whether it is an error, or forgotten password, or need to find something on your site; we have got you covered. And that's not all, Matina can even choose the right time to tell your customers jokes if they are bored.

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